Beck Health & Nutrition is an Australian company dedicated to helping people learn about health and nutrition through the latest research in an enjoyable, easy to understand way. Director, Kristen Beck, has been studying, practicing and lecturing in nutrition and health for more than 20 years. Nutritionist, health scientist, naturopath and mother of three, Kristen lives with her family on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. She told us about a typical day in her life.


Most weekday mornings I’ll take off for a run on the beach before my kids get up. We are lucky to live just above Long Reef Beach in Sydney so I get to see some amazing sunrises.


I normally get home in time to wake up my kids, check emails and organise breakfasts and school lunches. When I’m organised I’ll cut up seasonal fresh fruit and then we all add our favourite toppings. My kids add Greek yoghurt and I add chopped raw nuts and oat bran, and I’ll have my one coffee for the day.


My days are constantly changing. Some days I will have meetings in the city but I made a decision a few years ago to restructure my business so I could spend more time with my kids – and also make sure I had the flexibility to surf during the week. On the days I work from home, I’ll try to get at least a handle on what I want to get done today before I leave the house. I’m a compulsive list maker, so I’ll make sure I’ve got a prioritised list before I leave.


As my youngest daughter is still in primary school, I’ll drop her off to school on my way for a surf. Being in the ocean is incredibly important to me. It calms me down and makes me happy. I also really enjoy the social interaction amongst the regular surfers and beachgoers.


Generally I’ll be back in from the surf and (finally) ready to head to my office and start my workday. My tasks generally range from writing nutrition articles, researching nutrition and health topics for key corporate clients or interacting with our nutrition students either via phone, email, or online chats. When my kids were smaller, I became completely reliant on conversing via email or text, but more and more I think we are losing touch and missing out on the benefits that come with the connectedness of actually discussing issues with clients and customers. I am trying to make more effort to pick up the phone and chat with people when I can.


I tend work through lunchtime and mostly just eat something simple (some kind of protein and a heap of fresh salad vegetables) at my desk. I know eating at my desk goes against the whole mindful eating philosophy, but given the time I’ve already allowed myself to surf and run in the morning, I’ve got to fit some work in somewhere in my day!

After lunch I’ll have a Storm & India Almond Macaroon Green Tea. I used to drink a second cup of coffee at this time and definitely think I’m still addicted to the caffeine, so this is a delicious, healthier replacement.


Depending on my day, I will either continue on my set tasks, or may head over to Manly to lecture in nutrition and exercise physiology lecture at ICMS. I still really enjoy the mental stimulation and interaction you get from working with students in a classroom context.


Hopefully by now all three of my kids are home from school. We’ll walk down for a quick surf or swim. My whole family, including my husband, surf and love the ocean.


Dinner is normally home-cooked, mostly because it is healthier, but also because with teenage sons the sheer volume of food that teenagers eat means that ordering in or eating out can get pretty expensive pretty quickly.


After dinner I will do a couple of hours work before bed. I find this time really productive as the family is settled and you can actually focus on completing tasks (rather than just responding to emails and phone calls). Whenever I go into my home office to work at night I have a ritual of drinking a Storm & India Evening Detox Tea.


As I said before, I’m a compulsive list writer, so before I finish my work and leave my desk for the evening, I’ll start a fresh list for tomorrow.

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