At Home in Tasmania with Brooke Saward

At Home in Tasmania with Brooke Saward

After travelling the world solo for eight years and a recent stint living in Cape Town South Africa, travel blogger Brooke Saward has now returned home to Tasmania. It was eight years ago when Brooke first started sharing her adventures online via her blog. Since then Brooke has amassed an audience of millions of readers who are also fellow travellers with restless feet and an insatiable desire to explore. But with her new focus on life at home in Tasmania, we were excited to catch up with Brooke and see what the new year has in store for her and discuss her wellness rituals in a year that has been more important than ever for self care.

Firstly, welcome home Brooke! How has it been since you arrived back in Tasmania?
It has been such a whirlwind year being caught overseas during the pandemic, that I’m really grateful to be back at home in Tasmania. It feels like my feet are firmly planted on the ground again after a challenging (but also really enjoyable) year abroad. Since being home I have spent most of my time getting back into a routine as well as moving into my new home. 

We have loved seeing a glimpse of your new home in Tasmania. What is your favourite part about creating a space to live in?
I love feeling inspired by spaces - be that my own space to live in, a retail store I visit or a lodge I stay at on my travels. Design for me is a way of living and I am heavily invested in incorporating hygge in whichever space I live in. For those who aren’t privy, hygge is a lifestyle concept that started in Denmark, a country that consistently ranks in the happiest countries on earth to live. I love creating a warm and inviting space to host dinner parties or spend a night in on the couch with a cup of loose leaf tea and a candle burning.

Do you have a few favourite pieces in your home to share with our readers?
I have a lot of books and when I say a lot I mean I could very safely transform one of the bedrooms into a library and still have overflowing bookcases! Books for me are a form of escapism to other places or thought patterns and I really enjoy reading anything. 
Aside from books, I collect homely items like candles and recently incense. I purchase the “gyspy wood” from Maho Sensory and I burn one stick a night. I’m obsessed! 

Can you share your favourite places in Tasmania in the outdoors?
My two favourite hikes here on the island are the Overland Track and the Three Capes Track. The first is a 65 kilometre walk through Cradle Mountain National Park and traverses some really inspiring terrain. No two days of the walk are the same and it makes for a great adventure in the warmer (drier) months! I also really enjoyed the Three Capes Track in the South of Tasmania when it first opened and have been meaning to go back since. 
I’m also an avid fan of mountain biking and my favourite trails are located at Blue Derby in the North East of Tasmania. My favourite trails are Atlas and the Blue Tier.

How about your favourite places indoors in Tasmania?
It has been really exciting to see an influx in wine bars since I last lived here a year ago! In Launceston (my hometown) I love Havilah wine bar and Geronimo’s new gin garden. Down South I am quite partial to an evening at Rude Boy, especially if I have something to celebrate.

What does self-care mean to you?
I like to think of self-care as a fairly fluid term. When you listen to your body you can really give it what it needs but it is also important to nourish your mind, too. Sometimes self-care for me is a bubble bath with a glass of red wine (okay fine, maybe a bottle). And sometimes self-care for me is a month of detoxing. I don’t really subscribe to any hard and fast rules.

Can you describe your perfect self-care night in?
At the moment, I spend my nights in with a Francois Hardy LP on my record player and a pot of Rooibos Chai on the stove. I have a bathtub in my ensuite so I have also been taking a bath on weekends and making the time to read new books. My favourite book of the last month was City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Can you share your favourite wellness products?
I am an avid fan of Omorovicza skin care and almost exclusively use their products. I also love the Sunday Riley face oils and Drunk Elephant’s babyfacial for an at home facial. For wellness from the inside out I swear by the Storm and India Rooibos Chai and drink this every evening. As you can probably see, I take wellness quite seriously! I love to feel good in my skin from the inside out.

Thanks for chatting with us, Brooke! We look forward to seeing more of your life at home in Tasmania in the New Year.