Cow hugging for wellbeing

Cow hugging for wellbeing

Dairy farm owners in the Netherlands have opened their green pastures to people for a wellbeing experience through hugging cows. Cows are very calm and gentle animals; they have a higher body temperature than humans and a lower heart rate that makes cuddling with them very relaxing. Hugs, research explains, are very therapeutic as it activates the sensors under the skin, reduces anxiety hormones and alleviates stress.

It is important to connect with the cows before beginning to hug. Cows are best left by themselves when they are busy ruminating. The ones lying down may be approached and as they smell and develop familiarity, one can pat and then hug them. Cows are very sensitive beings who perceive feelings easily and respond well to it. They too tend to close their eyes and enjoy the close comfort when hugged. When they are done, they will get up and walk away. There are some who might not be very open to such interaction and that must be respected as well. Self-care seekers have reported being rejuvenated through their cuddling sessions with the cows.

Cow cuddling is gaining popularity the world over as a larger movement, to connect people to the serenity and goodness of country life.

Cows are central to the Biodynamic agriculture that we follow at our farms. Cow manure is used to make preparations that enhance the vitality of the inputs applied in the farms.

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