Vanilla Matcha Gummies

Vanilla Matcha Gummies

These Paleo vanilla matcha gummies are made with gut-healing gelatin, organic mood matcha, organic coconut milk and honey. Delicious quick and easy to make for an antioxidant rich snack.


Makes 12 medium-sized gummies
2.5 tbs grass-fed gelatin powder
½ cup organic coconut milk
Stir together and let for five minutes to thicken
In a blender add…
1 cup organic coconut milk
1-2tsp Storm + India Mood Matcha
1 tbs maple syrup or Storm + India  Zen Honey
½ tsp vanilla

How to Make

  1. Whiz together until smooth. Transfer to a small pot and gently heat.

  2. Add to the gelatin mix and stir until it has all completely dissolved.

  3. Pour into a silicon muffin tray, or a lined lunch box, and set in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

  4. Enjoy as is, straight from the fridge once set.

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