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This must have Teapot Set is a joy to look at and use. Perfect for mornings in the kitchen, home office and beside the bed. Our four piece set consists of Danish designed Kettle Teapot, a pair of French Duralex Glasses and our Rooibos Chai.


New and innovative, this unique Kettle Teapot is a must have homeware for the tea lover. The minimal aesthetic provides a modern touch, as the Zen-Philosophy and Scandinavian architecture inspired design combine to create the ultimate brewing experience. Made for 1-2 cups.


Duralex’s Gigogne glasses are named after an old French word meaning “nested” and as the name implies, these simple, understated glasses are meant to be stackable and easily stored. Made in France. Dishwasher safe. 350ml.


This caffeine-free chai helps to calm and nourish you during stress. It’s perfect before bed or when you just want to zen out. Warming, spicy infusion of South African Rooibos, cinnamon and aniseed, it’s finished with a hint of sweet orange. A classic ayurvedic blend, it will warm your system and support digestion. Enjoy straight or with a splash of plant-based milk and sweetened with honey.