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Our Mood Matcha is grown on certified organic Tea Gardens in Uji, Kyoto and Kagoshima and harvested in spring and summer. We stone mill the young whole green tea leaves into an emerald green powder. This matcha is full of plant-based goodness and is designed to be used as a key ingredient in delicious matcha recipes such as Matcha Lattes, Smoothies, Iced Matcha Lattes, Pancakes, Desserts and Baking.


The finest powdered green tea is packed in our resealable pouch, designed to store our tea and keep its full aromatic fresh flavour.


Drinking Matcha is a sensory experience and using a Matcha bowl, rather than teacup, is essential. Cup the bowl with your hands, take it to your lips and breathe in the luscious aroma as you sip. Heavenly!

SERVE - Measure one teaspoon of Power Matcha into a strainer over a Matcha bowl. Sift gently to remove any lumps. Add 60ml of warm water (70-80 degrees celsius) and whisk the Matcha in an “m” motion for 20 seconds, until it is foamy and bright green.

MATCHA LATTE - Gently steam 60ml of plant-based milk such as coconut or almond, being careful not to boil the milk. Whisk one teaspoon of Power Matcha into the warm milk and enjoy. Coming soon - read more about Matcha preparation and delicious matcha recipes in our blog.

MEASURE - 1 teaspoon per bowl


Japanese Green Tea*
*Certified Organic
Contains Caffeine


A matcha tea to support mood, concentration and clarity of thought.

MATCHA: contains the amino acid L-theanine which is known to produce feelings of relaxation without drowsiness. The combination of L-theanine and the modest caffeine content of matcha gives drinkers a feeling of focus and clarity.


Our green teas and matcha are grown in organic tea gardens on the mountainside of beautiful Uji, Kyoto and Kagoshima.

Uji has a long and rich tradition in tea cultivation and was one of the first places in Japan to develop tea gardens. The tea from this region became known for its superior quality in the 1100s and is still highly regarded today. In the 1300s, seven special tea gardens were created in Uji, known as Uji Schichimeien (The Seven Famous Gardens). These helped the city become a renowned centre for tea. Uji is home to a special growing technique for matcha that is now widely used. Delicate leaves are shaded from the sun for three weeks before harvest to bring out the plant’s colour and flavour. This is the technique used for our matcha. Once shaded, the finest leaves are picked and stone-milled to produce an emerald green powder. Our matcha leaves from Uji are harvested in the first flush in spring. Uji River flows through this small town and many teahouses can be found along the riverbanks. After passing the river, there is a city called Tawara, it is here on the mountainsides that our organic matcha is grown.

The other area we source our green tea from is certified organic tea gardens in Kagoshima, on an island in the far south of Japan called Kyushu. Kagoshima is known as one of the most advanced organic farming districts in Japan. The land here has fertile, mineral-rich soil that helps to produce strong and healthy tea trees. These trees thrive with fresh air and rain water, and produce some of the finest green tea in the world. We harvest our matcha leaves from Kagoshima in the second flush in summer.


BioGro New Zealand
Jona JAS Japan
Certified Organic
Plant Based

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