Zinc Aluminium Teapot 6-Cup

Zinc Aluminium Teapot 6-Cup

Degrenne Paris

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This classic teapot was first created in 1957 by celebrated French silversmith Guy Degrenne, who was inspired by the ancient tradition of Bedouin teapots. The ingenious design combines a porcelain body with an insulated onodised aluminium cover that helps keep tea deliciously warm. It has a convenient removable tea infuser, that you can lift out the loose leaf tea leaves once the tea is brewed. Exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Salam teapot is the union of classic elegance and modern functionality.

Glazed French white porcelain with a removable insulated cover.

Felt-lined anodised aluminium cloche (cover) helps keep tea at delicious serving temperature for over an hour.

Removable infuser holds loose tea leaves; brew tea to your desired strength and then lift out of the teapot.

6-cup capacity, 1000ml.

Wash by hand.

Made in France.