The Importance of a Sleep Routine

The Importance of a Sleep Routine

Restorative sleep is the foundation of outstanding health, and a good bedtime routine can go a long way to ensuring a restful nights sleep. These are our top tips for a better nights sleep:

Set a routine

Ensure that you are going to bed and rising at around the same time. This helps to get your body’s chemistry into a routine. Falling to sleep before 10pm and rising by 6am is the optimal sleep pattern to work in conjunction with the chemicals your body produces to induce sleep. If you try to fall asleep after 10pm you are fighting your body’s natural sleep patterns.

Go offline

Televisions, smart phones, laptops and iPads are all back-lit devices. The light omitted from the devices interrupts the sleep hormone melatonin from being produced. Try to stop the use of these devices 30 minutes before going to bed. This also gives you time to disconnect from all the notifications, emails, and people demanding your attention. Take some time to enjoy the space it creates.



Use herbal tea to relax

We have created two beautiful herbal teas that you can include in your bed time routine to help promote sleep. Our Detox Evening, Rooibos Chai, Turmeric + Ginger and Chamomile Blossom contain herbs that induce calmness, reduce anxiety and allow the mind and body to relax. Try brewing a cup and drinking it in peace 30 minutes before bed.


Clearing the mind before sleep is essential for worries and busy people. Often what keeps us awake at night is the ever growing to-do list, we are constantly worrying that we will forget to do something. Make it part of your bed time routine to sit and write down everything that is on your mind. Write without filtering, and just dump everything that is going on in your head on the page.

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