Detox Morning Sparkling Mocktail is easy to prep and share during the summer holidays, an ideal alternative for guests who are backing off the alcohol or just seeking a little something refreshing and healthy to drink.


Storm+India Detox Morning Tea
1 Apple (sliced)
2 Handfuls of fresh mint 
4 Wedges of lemon
1 Litre of Antipodes Sparkling Water 

How to Make

1. Brew 4 heaped teaspoons of Detox Morning in a teapot for 5 minutes with water at 80°C 
2. Pour Detox Morning brew into a jug and chill in the fridge until cold 
3. Fill glasses halfway with the chilled Detox Morning 
4. Add a few sprigs of mint, and wedge of lemon to each glass 
5. Pop a few ice cubes into each drink, along with the apple slices
6. Fill glasses to the top with chilled Antipodes Sparkling Water

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