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Tasmanian Natural Farms, established in 1996, is a beautiful and unique place. Located on 300 acres in Northern Tasmanian, it practises organic, biodynamic and regenerative farming.

It represents a perfect relationship between a sustainable farm co-existing with nature. It is the vision of a family guided by two generations of women, Dooley Crighton-Bellamy and her daughter India Bellamy, who are passionate about creating a healthy and pure ecosystem. 


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They are deeply concerned about sustainability and the health of theplanet, the microbial state of the soil and building biodiversity on the land. They have restored the native wetlands and bush areas to help foster the natural wildlife which includes: endangered species of frogs and birds, swans, ducks, yabbies, possums, echidnas and wallabies.

They have brought to life a connection between food and ecosystems by maintaining an orchard of heritage apples, growing a variety of fruit trees, vegetables, herbsand flowers. There are manuka and olive tree groves, hemp fields, an established forest and natural pastures on the farm with hawthorn hedges surrounding it all.

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They humanely raise cows and care for bee hives which produce the Tasmanian Wildcrafted Honey they sell.

Above all, Dooley and India bring the wonders of the farm and nature into their organic kitchen where they create and test recipes to share with family, friends and their beloved customers.

Tasmanian Natural Farms acknowledges the traditional owners of the land, the Tasmanian Aboriginal people known as the Panninher. 

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