Early Grey & Raspberry Mini Tarts

Early Grey & Raspberry Mini Tarts

Earl Grey Raspberry Tarts are a delightful summer dessert that combines the citrus notes of Earl Grey tea with the sweet tartness of raspberries.


For the Base
1 ½ cups almond meal
½ cup organic raisins, soaked in hot water to soften slightly for around 10 minutes, and drained
½ tsp vanilla extract

For the Raspberry Top
1 cup coconut cream
½ cup organic raspberries (frozen or fresh)
2 TBS maple syrup
1 TBS @stormandindia Imperial Earl Grey brewed tea
1 TBS grass-fed organic gelatine
½ tsp vanilla extract

For the Toppings
Organic freeze-dried raspberries
Bee pollen


Prepare the Base
In a food processor, combine the soaked and drained raisins with the almond meal and vanilla extract.
Blend until you get a nice, sticky mixture that holds together.

Form the Tart Bases
Press the almond meal and raisin mixture into mini cake trays. Silicone trays work well for easy removal.
Place the trays in the fridge to allow the bases to set.

Prepare the Raspberry Topping
In a small pot, combine the coconut cream, organic raspberries, maple syrup, brewed @stormandindia Imperial Earl Grey tea, gelatine, and vanilla extract.
Gently heat the mixture on the stove until all the gelatine has dissolved. You can gently crush the raspberries with the back of a spoon as the mixture heats.

Pour Topping and Set
Pour the raspberry topping mixture evenly over the tart bases.
Place the tarts in the freezer to set for at least 2 hours.
When you’re ready to enjoy the tarts, remove them from the freezer and pop them out of the tray.
Sprinkle organic freeze-dried raspberries and bee pollen over the tarts as toppings.

Enjoy your Earl Grey Raspberry Tarts, either with a mousse-like texture from the fridge or a more frozen, ice cream-like consistency from the freezer.

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