Sun oil

Sun oil

Our friend photographer Ash Scott based in Napier New Zealand likes thinking outside the square when it comes to tea. Organic Beauty Tea packed with delicious flavor and antioxidants is infused in raw olive oil, this creates a unique pantry product that can be used on summer salads, oven-roasted root vegetables, and fish. 

Cold infusing of oils: Place your choice of organic tea into unheated oil and keep it there until its flavor has permeated the oil. This method has been followed in Italy, where garlic cloves and basil leaves have been flavoring olive oil for centuries.


2 Tbsp Beauty Tea
1 Sterilised Glass Jar
Raw Olive Oil

How to Make

Place the Beauty Tea leaves in the clean jar, pour over olive oil and secure the lid.
Place the jar on a sunny window sill.
Gently move the jar around twice a day, I simply pick the jar up and rotate it clockwise several times, this moves the oil around while disturbing any air bubbles.
After one week, the oil is ready to be used, either strain it into another clean jar or simply leave the oil undisturbed for a few days, the tea will sink to the bottom of the jar and you can pour off the oil you need for your use.

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