Green Moroccan Tea Glasses Small

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Simple, elegant and modern, Beldi glasses are beautiful to hold and a delight to sip from. Made from recycled glass, each vessel has unique markings and exudes a sophisticated charm. Beldi glasses are perfect for tea, juices, smoothies and elixirs. 
Dishwasher safe on glass setting. Large 300ml. Sold as a pair. 


Made in the last hand-blown glass factory in Morocco, Beldi glassware is crafted from local recycled glass by skilled artisans. These beautiful glasses are a modern style icon and make a unique statement in homes, cafes and restaurants.


When Morocco's last hand-blown glass factory closed in Casablanca, Vera Bedli stepped in to save a dying tradition. He moved the operation to the outskirts of Marrakech, where they now produce a full range of recycled glassware. Skilled artisans continue to make these simple, traditional tea glasses and other stunning glass pieces.

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