Daily rituals with Chrystelle

Daily rituals with Chrystelle

On daily rituals
I love to start the day with a walk. It clears my head before going into my Parnell showroom and gives me time to think through everything I have to achieve in the day ahead.

My daily moment with tea
I like to have my S+I Detox Morning mid-morning at work. I usually have it at my desk while replying to my morning emails. I’m lucky to work in such a beautiful environment, so often I’ll look around the showroom with my tea; thinking of what pieces I could move around, or what might make a nice new window display.

On recipes and nutrition 
I like simple and healthy food but always very tasty. I make a lot of salads with the freshest ingredients I can find, always complimented by a very good olive oil. People think I probably cook French food, but actually I don’t. I prefer the lighter, more modern style of cuisine here in NZ. I adore spicy food too, which is also very un-French of me. Though I must admit, I do love cheese! There is always a selection of French cheeses in my fridge.

On the importance of a favourite space at home
I adore every room in my house, but I especially love my bedroom. I like waking up surrounded by my hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper. It’s so beautiful and restful. 

On maintaining a healthy lifestyle
I exercise daily and try not to get too stressed with work. I’m really easy-going so it takes a lot to wind me up. I usually get away from work for an hour each day to do a Les Mills BodyPump or CX Worx class.
Music is also an essential part of my well-being. I always have music in the background at home and at work. I’m never quite comfortable in houses with no music. I start the day with something to get me up and going, and I usually finish the day listening to something mellow and ambient, with a Detox Evening tea. That’s my absolute fav of the S+I range.

On keeping creative endeavours fuelled 
Travelling and going on my buying trips really fulfils my creative side. I love going to new places and meeting interesting people. Its always exciting when I’m traveling around France filling my next container. I start to see the overall look a shipment is going to have and start planning how I will put it all together in the showroom, or in my clients’ homes. Probably much like a fashion designer, every collection has its own unique theme or feel, and its exciting to see it all coming together.