Daily rituals with Chrystelle

Daily rituals with Chrystelle

Chrystelle Baran owns Baran de Bordeaux, New Zealand’s foremost specialist in French antiques and luxury furnishings. Her Parnell showroom is an unparalleled collection of genuine 17th to mid-20th century furniture and unique decorative pieces. Chrystelle divides her time between her native home Bordeaux and second-home Auckland. She shares her daily rituals and loves with us.

On daily rituals
I love to start the day with a walk. It clears my head before going into my Parnell showroom and gives me time to think through everything I have to achieve in the day ahead.

My daily moment with tea
I like to have my S+I Detox Morning mid-morning at work. I usually have it at my desk while replying to my morning emails. I’m lucky to work in such a beautiful environment, so often I’ll look around the showroom with my tea; thinking of what pieces I could move around, or what might make a nice new window display.

On recipes and nutrition 
I like simple and healthy food but always very tasty. I make a lot of salads with the freshest ingredients I can find, always complimented by a very good olive oil. People think I probably cook French food, but actually I don’t. I prefer the lighter, more modern style of cuisine here in NZ. I adore spicy food too, which is also very un-French of me. Though I must admit, I do love cheese! There is always a selection of French cheeses in my fridge.

On the importance of a favourite space at home
I adore every room in my house, but I especially love my bedroom. I like waking up surrounded by my hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper. It’s so beautiful and restful. 

On maintaining a healthy lifestyle
I exercise daily and try not to get too stressed with work. I’m really easy-going so it takes a lot to wind me up. I usually get away from work for an hour each day to do a Les Mills BodyPump or CX Worx class.
Music is also an essential part of my well-being. I always have music in the background at home and at work. I’m never quite comfortable in houses with no music. I start the day with something to get me up and going, and I usually finish the day listening to something mellow and ambient, with a Detox Evening tea. That’s my absolute fav of the S+I range.

On keeping creative endeavours fuelled 
Travelling and going on my buying trips really fulfils my creative side. I love going to new places and meeting interesting people. Its always exciting when I’m traveling around France filling my next container. I start to see the overall look a shipment is going to have and start planning how I will put it all together in the showroom, or in my clients’ homes. Probably much like a fashion designer, every collection has its own unique theme or feel, and its exciting to see it all coming together.

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