Daily rituals with Jiho

Daily rituals with Jiho

On daily rituals
I am focusing on recovering my body's energy as it has been lost from bad diet habits and lack of exercise. 
My new ritual is, as soon as I get home after work, I chop some vegetables, put them in the oven, and go for an hours walk. I then dip into our pool to cool down. The vegetable are perfectly cooked and ready to eat after swimming. A light dinner and regular exercise definitely makes me feel nice and brings me more energy. 

My morning moment with tea
I sometimes sit and have a cup of tea in our glass conservatory, because the floor is same level as our garden and it makes me feel like I am sitting in the middle of the bush. It gives me a meditative moment, especially when the sun is falling down and evening breeze is coming through. 

On cooking at home
I really like to make everything simple; simple cooking methods, simple ingredients and simple flavours. 
Especially summer season vegetables, they are amazing both raw and cooked.
I normally prepare carrot, courgette and beetroot with the spiralizer and add some herb pesto, which I made out of herbs from our garden, then mix with leafy vegetable, nuts, lemon zest and juice. It is easy, quick and so delicious.

My favourite space at home
I absolutely love my tiny little kitchen. It's small in size, but has a unique arch-shaped window, from which you can see our garden, the surrounding bush and the city in view. I love its lemon yellow-coloured kitchen top and olive green tiles. These colours make everything beautiful and gives me a vibrant and positive energy. I cook here everyday, and also brew tea, kombucha, make pickles and kimchi.

The importance of being close to nature
I used to live in an apartment in a big city before moving in to New Zealand, and always craved greenery and the ocean. Now, living in New Zealand, I can see the forever changing organic surroundings without any extra effort. This certainly gives me a privileged feeling, like I am having a holiday after work! 
On growing a garden 
Growing my own organic herbs is becoming more and more necessary to me, they nourishes my table. 

On keeping a healthy lifestyle
I recently had bad back and menstrual pains, and found that I have a terrible habit of always standing on one leg or holding my bag on one side. Both of which eventually made my spine kink. These days, I am trying to move slower and listen to my body, practice using the energy of my body evenly.

On keeping creative endeavours fuelled
Although I have very narrow and limited hand skills, I often find myself making something with my hands. They are mostly things I haven’t tried to do before, like knitting, drawing, paper making, collage with scrap papers, and so on. I don’t necessarily want to make them all perfect, I am just very satisfied once I have figured out something new — things that look complicated to me like knitting a jumper. All of these little challenges give me a more varied view and helps me to build my own tastes.