Daily rituals with Sherie Muijs

Daily rituals with Sherie Muijs

We visit fashion designer Sherie Muijs at her Titirangi-based home for and early breakfast with her husband Jiwan and two sons Nischal and Nico. The family enjoy warm bowls of home made porridge with cinnamon spice, all made with the help of the littlest hands in the kitchen.

On daily rituals
Breakfast with my boys — other meals can get lost in the busyness of the day but we make an effort to start it together at the table. 

My morning moment with tea
Lately I've been enjoying a hot tea in the moonlit calm of the night when up feeding my newborn. The time it takes to sip away is about the time it takes to settle my boy back into a deep sleep. 

On cooking at home
Jiwan is the cook of the house and has been ever since our first was born. It was intended as a short-term arrangement — while I was feeding baby, Jiwan was feeding me. He then grew to love it and now, 3 years on, has become a passionate and confident cook. My favourites are his Palak Paneer, Donburi and his hearty beef Pho. I am also spoilt to graze through a loaf or two of his sourdough each week. 

My favourite space at home
Sitting at the end of my hallway in the late afternoon. Being cooped up in the corner of a house may sound uninviting, but when the sun streams in and I'm given a quiet moment, I can perch myself by the bookshelf and pick up where I left-off on a chapter or two. 

The importance of eating together
Time together. Being intentional about interacting, sharing meals and stories and coming together as a family. When the day pulls us in different directions, the table is the place we come back to reconnect.

On health and lifestyle
Life can be demanding at times, especially with little ones around. So finding time to reenergise is as challenging as it is crucial. In this season it’s about the simple things, like getting out for a walk/bike with my boy or a brisk stroll with the pram. In other times swimming has been a source of great exercise with a natural rhythmic mediation to it.

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