Earl Grey Tea Isn't Just for Your Grandma!

Earl Grey Tea Isn't Just for Your Grandma!

This traditional tea contains some of nature's most important nutrients. It isn't just vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy, it is now known that plants contain different compounds such as flavonols, antioxidants, lignans and polyphenols that are just as important in the fight against disease and ageing.

The base of Earl Grey tea is Ceylon tea - a close relative to black tea, it is known that this tea contains high levels of nutrients which work to prevent cell damage and cell mutation in the body. This results in protection against oxidative damage, several cancers, and ageing. Daily consumption of Earl Grey tea is a delicious way to boost your intake of protective nutrients.

One cup of Earl Grey tea has a much lower caffeine content than one shot of espresso, and while for most caffeine addicted people this sounds like a bad thing - but it's actually a great way to wean yourself off caffeine. Caffeine causes an increase in your stress response, leaving the adrenal glands exhausted and strengthens your reliance on caffeine. If you would like to decrease your caffeine intake then the Imperial Earl Grey tea is the way to go. With a third of the caffeine of a cup of coffee, you can still enjoy a small caffeine boost without disturbing your sleep and increasing your stress levels.

Several studies have shown that Earl Grey tea is particularly good for heart health. The special combination of plant nutrients protects the heart from cardiovascular disease. Earl Grey tea helps to keep cholesterol levels healthy and reduce the amount of plaque build-up in the arteries -- both of which can contribute to a heart attack.

Any food or drink rich in antioxidants, protective plant compounds and is free from sugar is something to be celebrated. Even if you haven't liked black tea in the past I encourage you to give the Imperial Earl Grey tea a try, the addition of the citrus and bergamot oil gives it a light and refreshing flavour.

Words on Wellness by Jessica Gilijam-Brown 
New Zealand based Holistic Nutritionist (BSc) @wellnessbyjessica

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