Hiking in Tasmanian Highlands

Hiking in Tasmanian Highlands

Now that summer is in full swing we have an extensive list of day hikes on our agenda to make the most of these warmer days in our island home, Tasmania. For those of you new to the Storm and India brand, we have spent many years at home on our farm in Tasmania before moving to Auckland, New Zealand, where we eventually launched our tea brand.

Our love for tea is a story for another time, but believe us when we say we live, sleep, eat and breathe tea! Moreover all of our teas are certified organic and full of ingredients that will nourish your body from the inside out.

Since starting our brand and sharing our love for organic luxury tea blends across both New Zealand and Australia, we have been living between the two islands. This summer we’re back in Tasmania and so looking forward to sharing some of our favourite places with you!

Hiking to Devil’s Gullet Waterfall in Tasmania
Earlier in the week we discovered an up and coming location in Tasmania that we were surprised to have not yet heard of. However there are so many beautiful locations across the island for nature lovers that we truly believe you will never know them all!

So we set off on an adventure with friends and drove the two hours from our hometown, Longford (where you can visit our tea studio), toward the midlands of Tasmania. The drive is a scenic one, passing through the countryside as you wind your way towards the starting point for the short hike.

Once you arrive at Devil’s Gullet, carry on driving towards the second dirt car park and begin making your way down to the waterfall. It will take around thirty minutes to hike down the trail into a small gully that leads to the waterfall. Be sure to wear hiking clothes (and shoes!) because the trail gets quite steep as you descend towards the falls.

We departed Longford at 9:00am on a weekday and were the first people to arrive at the waterfall for the day. Devil’s Gullet waterfall is gaining popularity, so be sure to arrive early if you would prefer to enjoy the waterfall all to yourself for an hour in the morning.

If you plan to swim be sure to remember this is alpine water! It is very cold but on a hot summers day, there really is no better antidote. 

Happy adventure in our beloved Tasmania!

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