We’re welcoming lagom into our lives right now. It’s a Swedish word and way of life that translates to, not too little, not too much, or just the right amount. It’s something many of us strive for – a life where work, relaxation, love and wellness are in balance with time enough for family, friends and the things we love.

Lagom encourages us to steer away from frantic working weeks of long hours and high stress, but to work moderately instead, and cruise into the weekend with time and energy on hand to enjoy leisurely activities with friends and family.

So how are we living life with lagom? We make a point of taking breaks during the flurry of the day. Fifteen minutes in the morning and afternoon to make tea and sit outside and listen to the world around helps to quiet the mind and re-energise the body. The Swedish call this break, “fika” and take it at 10am and 3pm.

We remember that tomorrow is another day. That endless list of “to dos” will still be there and it’s okay not to achieve everything today. We’re being more realistic and kind to ourselves, and aiming for lists that have not too little, not too much on them.

Marie Kondo has been the name on everyone’s lips and her art of less clutter resonates with lagom. Just enough of the right things that bring beauty and usefulness into our everyday lives feels right to us. We’re mindful of this in the clothes we wear, our furniture and homeware, and even the produce in our fridge and pantry.

At the heart of lagom is self-care. We’re saying goodbye to hectic schedules and stress, and embracing calm days where we nourish our souls with healthy living, clean food and wellness teas. Taking time for yoga or walks in nature is so important for us to recharge.

The thing we really love about lagom is that it’s about finding the balance for all things in life that work for you. In other words, it’s a deeply personal thing. It’s not about comparing schedules and wardrobes with your friends, it’s about finding peace for yourself that your life has just enoughof the things you need and love.

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