Which tea is right for you?

Which tea is right for you?

Anxious or restless sleeper?
If you are anxious, worried, or a restless sleeper then you can't go past a cup of the Detox Evening. Chamomile has a long use in traditional medicine for calming the body and when drunk regularly it can have long last effects on the reduction of anxiety and depression. Try a cup any time you feel anxious, or make it part of your bedtime routine for better sleep. 

Bloated and gassy?
If you find yourself bloated or gassy after a large or unhealthy meal then turn to the Detox Afternoon or a plain Peppermint Leaf tea to relax your digestive system. Once the muscles in the digestive system relax you will get relief from uncomfortable cramping and pain caused by trapped gas.

Looking for a sugar-free alternative to water?
Water can get incredibly boring. Instead try one of the herbal teas, or my person favourite, the Berry Cassis as an iced tea to enjoy the day. You can also use these fruity teas as a base to smoothies.

Trying to detox from coffee?
If you are detoxing from caffeine you don't want to go cold turkey. My advice is to switch to a lower caffeine alternative like black tea to reduce the withdraw effects. You can't go wrong with the classic Imperial Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea.

Need healing or skin support?
All healing requires massive amounts of vitamin C whether it's wound healing, reducing inflammation, or healing acne, the Beauty Tea provides a load of healing vitamin C in every cup.

Sugar cravings?
The sweet blends of the Rooibos Chai, Masala Chai, and Coconut Chai all contain cinnamon, which is particularly helpful in controlling sugar cravings. Cinnamon slows the breakdown of carbohydrates, helping to keep blood sugar levels even and consequently reducing cravings. 
The hard bit is choosing between the traditional style Masala Chai, delicious Coconut Chai or the caffeine free Rooibos Chai.

Looking to improve your sports performance?
Green tea has been shown to help the body burn fat more effectively during exercise. Switching your plain water for a bottle of chilled Detox Morning can help make your fat burning more efficient and increase your endurance.

Words on Wellness by Jessica Gilijam-Brown 
New Zealand based Holistic Nutritionist (BSc) @wellnessbyjessica 

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