Which teas are safe for use during pregnancy?

Which teas are safe for use during pregnancy?

Q: Which teas are safe for use during pregnancy?

Herbal tea is a wonderful choice for pregnancy and while breastfeeding, but care needs to be taken around which particular blends you choose to enjoy.

Caffeine is detrimental to the development of your baby and can disrupt sleep patterns as the caffeine is passed through the breast milk, so all tea containing caffeine should be avoided - this includes green, black and white teas.

The other caffeine-free S+I teas contain liquorice which is unsafe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Storm + India have five blends which are safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, these include:
Chamomile the perfect herb for restless mothers-to-be.
Siena Spice a sweet and spicy blend that can be infused into milk to make a creamy latte.
Peppermint as baby grows and space runs out you might find you suffer from indigestion and sluggish digestion, use this tea between meals to help with that.
Red Velvet a smooth and easy to drink blend that can be enjoyed straight or with milk.
Berry Cassis a fruit blend which is as delicious hot as it is cold.

Words on Wellness by Jessica Giljam-Brown 
New Zealand based Holistic Nutritionist (BSc) 

Photo by @lililand for the @fortnightlabel

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